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Medifit Consultants Private Limited

Integrated Fitness Technology

Through our fitness technology that is integrated with our services, you can measure up to 15 body compositions. Here, you can get guided workouts with a video library and measure your workout analytics through heart rate and real time rep counts. The progression and composition of routines would be set specific according to your performance breakdown and our workout plan builder will suit your individual needs. You will be allowed to submit regular form feedback and use analytics for the same. This technology will come along with an Acto fit smart scale and 10 HR wrist Monitors. This program also includes a group training solution deck which is a very innovative and first of its kind introduced by our brand; here, all your group exercise members can see their performance progress live on a tv screen during the work out session making the workout more intense with gamification and a sense of competition. You can also monitor your heart rates and training zone live on the big screen. This technology also offers you an individual fitness and endurance graph along with individual progress and calorie burn out during the session.